The Right Statement

Whether it’s honoring a visitor or a valued employee, a gift or award makes a statement about your organization. Yet, more often than not, it’s the overwhelming choices of gifts and where to find the right one that makes the task of corporate gifts and awards challenging.

Again, ITC Specialty is here to help you — this time as your personal corporate shopper. Countless organizations have taken advantage of our knowledge of just where to find the right gift, quickly and within budget. A piece of signed original art glass, a set of custom-made golf clubs, electronics and quality apparel are just a few of the gifts we have found for our many clients.

Give ITC Specialty your specifications (price range, quality, etc.) and we will search the world over to provide you with a variety of options. We will send product descriptions and pictures to you via email and samples upon request.

When it’s time for corporate gift giving, let ITC Specialty do the hard work, while you get all the credit for a job well done!


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