Web-based Company Store

The Perfect Solution

If you are the person in charge of developing and managing your organization’s company store, then you know what an enormous task it is. Selecting the right items, printing your logo correctly, tracking inventory, coordinating order processing and shipping in a timely manner … is overwhelming.

But if you’re one of ITC Specialty’s web-based company store clients, then you already know your online store runs itself!

Quality Product Selection

The ITC Specialty team members are product globe trotters. We search the world over for products that make your company store stand out above the rest. Our goal is to be ahead of everyone else, so your company always offers the latest and greatest products.

Your company store is in your hands and you control what items are offered. And the ITC Specialty team is right behind you, providing you with a selection of thousands of upscale, name-brand products. Plus, we are particularly sensitive to budgets and offer high-end and low-end options. You can be assured that every item is of the highest caliber in its category, so your company always looks good.

ITC Specialty has long-standing relationships with thousands of manufacturers and distributors, so our pricing — even for special requests — is discounted.

Getting Started

For your organization, getting started is little more than selecting the competitively priced products for your company store site. Once you select your items – all customized with your company logo – ITC Specialty takes it from there.

We work with you to develop your web-based company storefront, free of charge. You are in control and customize the look and feel of the site to match your corporate image.

Each online company store is set up by product category, to make ordering easy. A typical company store contains selections under the headings of "apparel," "sports," "office," "travel," "safety," "corporate gifts" and "special projects." ITC includes "special projects" to showcase items that do not necessarily have your logo but can serve as gifts for retiring employees, special events, holidays or corporate contacts.

How it Works

Each password-protected company store ensures that only people from your organization are able to place orders. Your company’s login password provides you with the ability to use corporate credit cards or department cost center numbers.

With the click of a mouse, anyone from the corporate office, branches, satellite offices or franchises can order pens, jackets, golf balls, you name it. Your employees will always have a personalized item right at their fingertips!


We ship items directly from our warehouse, keep track of item quantity and restock your inventory as needed.

With our "real-time" inventory system, you will know before you select your item if it is close to being sold out or if it is completely out of stock. If an item is discontinued or replaced with a newly improved item, we will personally discuss your choices and the benefits of switching to a new item with you.

And employees are kept up to date with bi-monthly broadcast emails, notifying them of new products and showcasing seasonal items.

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Your web-based company store can truly be made easy for you. ITC Specialty makes it happen. Products are selected, ordered, inventoried, shipped and delivered without you ever having to lift a finger. Talk about delegating! Let ITC Specialty develop your worry-free company store today!


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