We'll Set the Stage

When it comes to safety training, ITC Safety has a long history. Presenting safety concepts and techniques in a group environment is one of our specialties.

Whether your group is large or small, our safety specialists develop a training program to meet your organization’s specialized needs.

Our safety seminars are professional, informative and, most importantly, interesting. ITC Safety’s trained presenter immerses your group in safety on the road, including proper following distances, stopping distances and how to perform pre- and post-vehicle inspection checks. Other topics include documented motor vehicle accident statistics, safety awareness tips and driver responsibilities.

If there are specific areas of safety that are somewhat unique to your driving area, ITC Safety has the know-how to address those. We guide your group through ways to handle vehicles when faced with various obstacles, whether it's sudden snowstorms or hurricanes, or driving in the city or on country roads.

Using Powerpoint presentations, our safety instructor uses graphs and photographs to illustrate points. Handouts and helpful hints provide attendees with reminders of what they’ve learned.

Add to that the interactive audience participation and the presenter’s touches of humor and participants leave the seminar with time well spent and the ability to retain the knowledge they've gained.


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