Behind the Wheel

The number one cause
of work-related injury or death
is motor vehicle crashes.
-Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

If you’re a corporate fleet or risk manager, OSHA’s statistic is hard to ignore. It validates the importance of giving fleet drivers the best safety awareness training possible, providing the important steps of being prepared for the unexpected.

That’s where ITC Safety can help. Our programs and products are designed to provide fleet drivers with the tools to prepare for almost unlimited road blocks.

There are too many variables on the roads to send your corporate fleet drivers out unprepared for the life-and-death decisions – and reactions - they face daily. Let ITC Safety help you give your drivers the best safety awareness training possible.

Who We Are

ITC Safety improves the driving skills and safety awareness of fleet drivers.

ITC Safety:

  • Trains Corporate Fleet Drivers, individually or as a group, through custom-designed programs in Safety Responsibility and Driver Development
  • Offers products to help fleet drivers in roadside emergency situations

Through specialized programs and products designed specifically for your corporate fleet, ITC Safety works directly with drivers to give them the training they need to understand their safety responsibilities on the roads and highways.

For more than a decade, the combination of ITC Safety’s driver development and increased safety awareness training has been the cornerstone to providing not merely a safe and productive working environment for the corporate fleet driver, but a safe and comfortable driving environment for others on the roads as well.

Who Benefits from ITC Safety Training

ITC Safety develops and delivers custom programming for major corporations throughout North, Central and South America.

Our training is geared for any employee/driver who is required to operate company-owned, leased or rented automobiles, vans, trucks and buses as a portion of their primary job responsibilities.

Driver Improvement

A prepared driver is a better driver. Prepare your corporate fleet drivers for the unpredictable with ITC Safety’s behind-the-wheel driver training or retraining. Send your drivers out with comfort and confidence.

Automobile Driver Improvement - ITC Safety works with drivers through behind-the-wheel training or retraining, driver skill evaluation, foreign driver improvement and custom driver training programs for a variety of unique driving situations.

Passenger Van/Bus Driver Improvement - The passenger transportation industry faces special challenges. Not only must the driver be wary of the world around the vehicle, but also of what is happening inside. ITC Safety works individually with drivers of vanpools, shuttles and buses to provide training on proper driving techniques and specific safety issues relating to transporting people.

Truck Driver Improvement - From small vans to straight trucks to tractor trailers, ITC Safety works individually with corporate drivers to emphasize the appropriate and unique driving skills needed to overcome the driving challenges only encountered by trucks.


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