Sales Awards Programs

Great Sales ... Great Rewards

Motivation + Reward = Increased Sales. It’s a simple equation. Companies that have signed up for a customized ITC Sales Awards Program have discovered that a rewards program does not need to be difficult, or complicated.

Let ITC Awards create a customized sales awards program for your organization. Each ITC Awards Program is customized to your company’s preferences — and budget — to give your sales force the recognition they deserve. We know just where to find amazing rewards.

Your sales team will be able to choose from a large variety of brand-name merchandise — quality crystal, electronic equipment and household appliances, classic jewelry, high-grade tools, sporting goods and more. You select the items for your sales incentive program from thousands of products!

This is all accomplished within a highly secure environment. The system automatically tracks orders and account balances for each award winner. When an award winner signs in to his personal account, he will see his current "balance," which is updated immediately when an order is placed.

Award winners receive automatically generated emails with detailed instructions on ordering, individualized award points tracking, closing program dates and more. Plus, if a winner would like something that is out of his points range, he can still apply his current points to one of the products and pay the difference with a credit card. This allows winners to receive the gift they truly want!

Easy for Everyone — the Salesperson
and the Organization

For the Top Sales Producers
Your sales award winners simply ...

  1. Log-on to the website ITC Awards has created for your organization
  2. Enter an individual password
  3. Select one or more rewards from hundreds, which are shipped directly to the winner’s front door!

For the Organization
Once your sales award program is set up ...

  1. ITC Awards takes over, manages the entire program, tracks reward points and ships rewards
  2. ITC Awards sends out email confirmations for all orders, detailing shipping and tracking information
  3. You get the credit! Gift cards are enclosed from your organization congratulating and thanking your employee for a job well done

We do the work. You reap the rewards. ITC Awards creates and manages your customized Sales Award Program. It’s that easy. Once the program is set in motion, you sit back and watch your sales team get motivated, get rewards and get results!


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